Scarlet – Red-tailed Hawk

Scarlet the Red-tailed Hawk was observed by Lake Waccamaw State Park rangers as they drove by an area where trash had accumulated. They realized that she was not flying and transported her to Sea Biscuit.

We immediately brought her to River Road Animal Hospital because she had no primary feathers on her left wing. She had radiographs showing a straight cut through all feathers and bones at her wrist. There was no hope for repair, so she would not be able to fly well enough for release. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service added Scarlet to our education permit in August 2012.

Scarlet doesn’t feel comfortable in crowded spaces, so most of her education programs are outside. She has been glove trained and occasionally will hop up on an extended arm. Mostly she is observed from a distance as she flies and captures her meals.