Meet Our Education Birds

While the Mission Statement of Sea Biscuit emphasizes rescue, rehabilitation, and release, it is not surprising that another part of our mission is education. To that end, the shelter houses education birds that appear at educational programs.

None of our education birds can be released to the wild due to the nature of their injuries, yet these birds serve a wonderful function within the human community as ambassadors for the bird world. Sea Biscuit has separate permits from the federal government that allow these birds to remain in captivity. To maintain its status as an education bird, each one must participate in at least 12 programs annually.

Tim and Tessa
Tim was our first education bird in 2009 and Tessa arrived in 2019.
Benson & Bogie
Barred Owls, both hit by cars, non-releasable.
Scarlet & Glenda
Scarlet’s wrist was injured in 2012. Glenda was hit by a car on Oak Island in 2019.