Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter is located at 1638 East Beach Road, Oak Island, NC in Brunswick County. We are a registered 503(c)(3) non-profit organization with an all-volunteer staff dedicated to providing treatment for injured or sick wild birds. As such, we receive no state or federal funding and rely entirely on donations from individuals and organizations to carry out our work. All work is carried out under state and federal permits that regulate the keeping of wild birds in captivity.

Our current facility, which acts as a hospital and recovery and rehabilitation center is the ground floor and backyard of a beach house. It is not open to the public in order to safeguard the animals from unnecessary disturbance and noise. The clinic area is a converted two-bedroom basement apartment where supplies are stored, birds can be housed indoors as needed, and medical assessments and treatments can be made. The rehabilitation area occupies the backyard and consists of multiple enclosures, including flight cages and a pelican pool.

Sea Biscuit takes in approximately 350-400 patients each year, representing about 70 different species. All arrivals are examined and a course of care or referral is initiated. Some birds recover within a few days, but for others rehabilitation may take weeks or months before they can be released or transferred.

Educational efforts include several non-releasable education birds and various programs and open houses throughout the course of each year.

More detailed information about all areas of Sea Biscuit’s work, as well as how to help wild birds can be found throughout the pages of this website.