I Found a Bird

Wild birds that are in need of help may show obvious signs of injury or impairment, or they may exhibit unusual behaviors, such as allowing close approach by humans, remaining in the same spot and not moving, or seeming extremely weak or uncoordinated.

I am in Brunswick County, NC, or a nearby area.
If you have found a wild bird that is in need of assistance, contact Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter’s injured bird/sick line at (910) 294-2555. Volunteers will respond as soon as possible.

I am somewhere else in North Carolina.
Locate a licensed wildlife rehabber in your area and contact that individual or organization.

While it is not illegal to possess a wild bird when you are attempting to seek help for it, remember, it is illegal to rehabilitate wildlife without a permit, and it’s illegal to keep wild birds as pets. Licensed rehabbers hold state and federal permits that allow them to legally possess wildlife and have undergone extensive training in order to properly assess and care for them. Attempting to care for a wild animal yourself is likely to do more harm than good.

What Else Should I Do?
Check the other pages in this section for specific information on topics including how to capture and contain injured or sick birds and how to determine if a baby bird needs your help.