Contribute Supplies

Rescuing and rehabilitating wild birds requires a steady stream of supplies and materials–everything from soap and paper towels to fish and crickets. Material donations are items specifically needed by the shelter to support care for the birds and maintenance of the facilities. These may be things you have on hand and no longer want or need yourself, such as old towels, or things you buy specifically for Sea Biscuit.

Sea Biscuit welcomes the donation of a variety of items, but please check below to make sure your contribution is appropriate or, if you’re not sure, call our information line for more guidance. When you have items to donate, please let us know and arrange a time that’s convenient for you to drop them off.

Check back here for a list of supplies needed at any time of year.

Spring and Summer
Check back here for a list of supplies that are needed to support baby birds and other seasonal happenings.

Check back here for supplies that are needed for special circumstances.